Registered Nurse and Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Melissa Jankovich, RN, BSN earned her nursing degree from OHSU in 2014. For her first job out of college, she landed working in the Operating Room at a local hospital. After trying the many surgical specialties, Melissa found her passion working in plastic surgery, helping men and women feel their best. After years of working in plastics, Melissa was able to broaden her scope and began attending Aesthetic trainings throughout the Pacific NW. With her background in surgery and aesthetics, Melissa enjoys partnering with her clients to achieve a healthy, refreshed look.

Melissa has been a Portland native for the past 18 years and is married with 2 kids.  She recently added a GoldenDoodle to the family which has added a new level of excitement to life (how many socks can a dog eat?). A big passion of Melissa’s is slowing down and seeking wellness in life. She enjoys exploring workout classes, salt floats and walking along the river.