Tired of thinning hair or receding hairline? Our PRF Hair Restoration service is here to help in Vancouver and Tigard, using your body’s own platelet-rich fibrin to stimulate natural hair growth. At Amélie, we celebrate and augment your innate beauty. Allow us to be part of your journey towards a more confident, vibrant you – we’re excited to assist!

What is PRF Hair Restoration?

PRF can help if you have a receding hairline, a growing bald spot, thinning hair, or post-partum hair loss. We recommend 5 initial rounds of PRF injections spaced every 4 to 6 weeks, with maintenance treatments every 6 to 9 months moving forward. This is the best way to see a visible improvement in the quantity, quality, and thickness of your own natural hair! 

How does PRF Hair Restoration work?

PRF is obtained by drawing the patient’s own blood, just like it is done during a routine blood test. It is then separated using a centrifuge. As the blood is prepared, we numb the patient’s scalp with a topical anesthetic cream to make the treatment very comfortable. Once the serum is isolated from the blood, it is strategically injected into the scalp, where hair loss or hair thinning has occurred. When the procedure is over, the patient can leave and immediately return to their normal daily activities. 

The hair follicles treated with PRF will immediately be reinvigorated and begin to grow new hair. The hair will strengthen and become thicker. Hair growth is a slower process, and results can be seen within 3 to 6 months. 

Is PRF Hair Restoration Suitable for all Types of Hair Loss?

PRF Hair Restoration can be beneficial for various types of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss), thinning hair, and even as a complementary treatment after hair transplant procedures. A consultation with a medical professional can determine your candidacy and recommend the most suitable approach for your specific condition.

How Many Sessions of PRF Hair Restoration are Needed?

The number of sessions required can vary based on individual needs and the severity of hair loss. Typically, an initial series of sessions is recommended, followed by periodic maintenance sessions to sustain and enhance results.

Is PRF Hair Restoration Painful?

Local anesthesia is often used to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or a sensation similar to pressure at the injection sites, which generally subsides shortly after the procedure.

What is the Downtime After PRF Hair Restoration?

PRF Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive procedure, and most individuals can resume their regular activities immediately after the session. Some mild redness or swelling at the injection sites is normal and usually resolves within a day or two.

When Will I See Results from PRF Hair Restoration?

Results from PRF Hair Restoration are typically gradual and become more noticeable over a few months as the hair follicles become revitalized and start producing healthier hair. Continued improvements can be observed with subsequent sessions.

Are the Results from PRF Hair Restoration Permanent?

PRF Hair Restoration can lead to long-lasting results, but maintenance sessions are recommended to sustain the benefits. Individual results may vary, and consistency with follow-up appointments can help maintain optimal outcomes.

Is PRF Hair Restoration Effective?

Yes, PRF Hair Restoration has shown promising results in improving hair density, hair quality, and overall scalp health. While individual responses may vary, many patients have reported noticeable improvement in hair growth over time.



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