At Amélie med spa in Tigard and Vancouver, we offer a menu of nourishing facials that have something for everyone.

Amélie Signature Facial

The Amélie Signature facial is a luxe, invigorating facial that combines potent vitamins and skin-nourishing ingredients into a Signature serum. Add tox, filler, and PRF to your serum for flawless, airbrushed skin and a boost of collagen in the skin over time. Your custom serum is pressed into the skin using a sterile stamping device that deposits the ingredients into the skin, where they can be utilized immediately. Add dermaplaning or a Hydrojelly® mask for the ultimate experience. This amazing facial has no downtime, making it the perfect treatment before any event. The most dramatic results are seen 72 hours post-treatment.

PDO AfterGlo is an innovative skin booster designed to provide intense hydration and rejuvenation to the skin. Combining over 10,000 PDO threads and Hyaluronic acid (HA) in a topical serum, AfterGlo offers a unique formulation that delivers exceptional results. This skin booster effectively hydrates and nourishes, while also stimulating collagen production and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. Whether used as a post-treatment addition to laser or microneedling procedures or incorporated into our luxurious Amélie Facial or Amélie Signature, AfterGlo works its magic by giving the skin a luminous and airbrushed appearance. Experience the transformative effects of AfterGlo to get a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Amélie Express Facial

This quick, refreshing treatment includes a luxurious cleanse, a ZO Red Carpet Peel, and a hydrojelly mask to leave you dewy and glowing in just 30 minutes!

Amélie Refresh Facial

The Amélie Refresh is a relaxing, refreshing facial. It combines advanced lymphatic drainage massage with gua sha, manual exfoliation, deep hydration, and LED light therapy. This relaxing treatment tones facial muscles, releases tension, boosts blood circulation, and encourages facial rejuvenation. Gift this one-hour facial to a loved one or indulge in the ultimate skin treat for yourself.  

Amélie Glow Facial

The Amélie Glow combines three of our most favorite facial treatments; DiamondGlow, Amélie Signature Facial, and dermaplaning! Our DiamondGlow helps with hydration, pore congestion, and dullness while the Amélie Signature minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reduces pore size leaving the skin looking luminous! Dermaplaning adds another level of exfoliation to bring out that Glow! We recommend this for any client getting ready for a big event or just someone who needs a boost of skin confidence! Add premium add-ons like Botox and HA fillers to give your skin an even more airbrushed look! 



Meet the incredible team of aesthetics pros who live and breathe beauty—inside and out. We’re a family here, and when you visit us, you’re part of it! From our highly trained providers to our friendly and helpful support staff, we’re all obsessed with delivering an unparalleled experience and giving you results you can’t wait to show off.


To book your free BOTOX consultation at Amélie, please call (503) 673-3893 or use our online scheduling tool. Our Tigard, OR and Vancouver, WA med spa welcomes people from all over the Portland area, including Tualatin, OR, and Vancouver, WA. We can’t wait to see you!