BBL stands for Broad Band Light. It is often referred to as a laser treatment but it differs from true laser because it targets many wavelengths at once and covers many layers of the skin at one time. The light is attracted to a specific chromophore, melanin and oxyhemoglobin, which absorbs the energy from the Broad Band Light and coagulates the cells. These cells die and are absorbed or pushed to the surface where the slough off.

When you come in for an BBL treatment you will be seated in a comfortable chair. Your skin will be cleansed and protective goggles will be applied. During your first treatment a series of test shots will be performed to make sure the desired endpoints are being achieved. These endpoints look like immediate darkening or bronzing of pigmentation, absorption of blood vessels, and erythema.

Once your settings have been established, your chosen area will be treated. The treatment itself feels like the snap of a rubber band on your skin. It’s tolerable but you should feel it. Even with your protective goggles on you still might see flashes of light but don’t worry, this is just the reflection of light off of your skull and not the machine directly shooting toilet in the eye.

After your treatment your skin will feel raw and sensitive, almost like and sunburn or windburn. For the remainder of the day you should avoid hear, sun, and sweating.