We get it, everyone is busy. How is one person expected to make healthy meals, be on time to work and school drop off/pick ups, fit in a workout, drink enough water, stay Covid free and make time for self care in one day? Impossible right? Well we may not be able to help with everything, but the selfcare, you can leave to us to help you fit into your tight schedule! 

Combining your aesthetics treatments is not only the way we see great results, but it’s also the way to make the most of your time. We have found that clients who combine our most popular treatments, never go back to multiple office visits a month and are overall happier with their results and oftentimes, it’s easier on their bank accounts. Here are some of our top recommended Amélie combo treatments! 

Injectables + basically anything else! 

When someone comes in to get an injectable treatment, it’s typically a one and done. But what if instead, you also left with more energy, glowing skin, a younger appearance and all within a couple of hours? With injectables, the sky’s the limit! 

Wanting a little more plump in those lips but also wondering why you’re looking angry all the time? Add in some Botox to your existing filler appointment and look refreshed! 

Are you noticing  Botox just isn’t doing the trick now that that big 40th birthday has passed? Start your Botox treatment with a quick Microneedling! In only 45 minutes, you could be preventing and treating pre-existing wrinkles! 

Feeling a little run down? Add on a B-12 shot to your appointment! 

Getting ready for a big event? Add on our Diamond Glow or Amélie Signature Facial to any of your injectable appointments and leave feeling like a million bucks! 

When someone comes in to get their injectable appointment, it’s typically an in and out treatment. But what if instead, you also left with more energy, glowing skin, a younger appearance and all within a couple of hours? With injectables, the sky’s the limit! 

Skin therapies + More skin therapies! 

Is it just me or is everyone else wondering where these fine lines and adult acne is coming from?? Don’t just settle for one result. You can get antiaging, collagen producing, pigment correcting and skin tightening all in the same appointment! 

If you are needing to be event ready in less than a week, we have the answer! Combining dermaplaning, a Diamond Glow or a Amélie Signature facial with a hydrojelly mask is the threesome you never knew you needed! Feel hydrated, glowing and vibrant at your event with this combo treatment!

(If you’re feeling really crazy, add some filler and Botox to your Signature facial to really make your skin the life of the party!)

A common concern we see is people struggling with breakouts no matter what they do! Get yourself a microneedling/chemical peel combo and get your skin back on the right track. This treatment will help you build collagen and get your cells turning over to prevent future breakouts. It will also help with any hyperpigmentation left from your stubborn breakout!

If you are someone who has perfect skin that never breaks out, is always hydrated, and you use Noxzema to wash your face every night, guess what? We all hate you AND, you still need some laser to keep it that way! A BBL/HALO combo is probably one of our most popular and favorite treatments. Remove sun damage, reduce fine line and wrinkles, improve texture and trick your skin into producing more collagen with this treatment. Your skin will thank you! 

(Noxzema was not harmed in the making of this blog)

Combining treatments really is the best path to fast, amazing results. Don’t waste your time coming to repetitive, unnecessary appointments! Ask your Client Service Specialist how you can make the most out of your next visit and make some more time for you! 

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