Oh my gosh you guys – December is here! Are you like me and feeling extremely busy?  Especially compared to the last few years where we were all forced to slow down a bit.  In all the hustle and bustle that comes along with this time of year, self care is especially important for both ourselves (and as a gift to loved ones!)

Self care looks different for everyone!  I’m an introvert, so for me self care means spending some time alone (or with my favorite aesthetician) pampering myself.  My extroverted colleagues prefer getting dolled up and being out with friends.  I think the most important part is just making sure your self care is something that feels right to you and helps you re-energize!

Amelie Self Care…

Self-care means taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health. Here at Amélie we focus on self care by feeling good in the skin we are in!!! Skin treatments not only help you physically look good, they also can have a dramatic effect on your mental health.

Self Care Ideas….

  • Relaxing facials!  In addition to having an hour to lay down in a quiet room, facials can do wonders for dry, tired skin.  Our Aestheticians will work with you to determine the perfect facial for your skin goals.  Facials can reduce fine lines, age spots, relieve dehydrated skin, and overall make us feel better about our skin!  Using exfoliation, massage and antioxidants, facials are a great tool to fight aging.  
  • Plump me up!  Enhance your cheeks, lips or chin with filler and get ready to party!  Fillers provide immediate results and are often just the thing to help you feel holiday ready!  Fillers can be used to plump lips or give more hydration. They can be injected into your midface to create more enhanced cheekbones. Fillers can be used to lengthen or project chin for better facial balancing. They can be used to define the jawline. Additionally they can help support hallowing in the under eyes, soften lines around the mouth, restore volume loss in the hands with aging, lessen the appearance of scarring, and soften horizontal lines in our necks “tech neck” .   Don’t be worried about looking unnatural, our injectors are highly trained and will make sure you look refreshed, but never overdone! 
  • Relax at home with new skincare products!  Our Aestheticians are happy to spend 30 minutes with you coming up with the perfect regime for your skin.  At Amelie, we truly believe that 80% of beautiful skin comes from how you care for it on a daily basis.  20% of your results come from treatments we provide at our spa.  Have you tried SkinMedica’s HA5?  This miracle product instantly plumps, hydrates and gives your skin a beautiful glow.  Perfect for winter season where we all need more moisture.
  • Lasers!  Maybe you are like me, and self care means doing our best to stay looking young!  2 of our favorite self care treatments are our BBL and our HALO.  These treatments really turn back time by eliminating brown spots, broken capillaries and restoring skin texture.  Get treated now and you will start the new year looking refreshed and well rested!
  • We saved the best for last…. The Ultimate Self Care Treatment….  DiamondGlow!!!  This relaxing treatment leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.  The DiamondGlow facial deeply cleanses your skin and exfoliates, uncovering fresh, renewed skin.  It then infuses and nourishes your skin with a customized SkinMedica hydrating serum.  This experience is so much more than just a facial and will leave you relaxed and looking your best!

Amelie’s Cool and Comfy Menu…

Results are important, but so is being comfortable while you are with us!  Amelie’s complimentary cool and comfy menu ensures you have the perfect experience while you are being treated!  We provide complimentary coffee (dolled up just how you like it!), warm tea, sparking water, CBD drinks and more!  We have thick, cozy blankets that you can snuggle under during your treatment.  Did someone ask for snacks?  We have them for you!  Most importantly, we always do our best to ensure your comfort including numbing, dental blocks, ice and more.

Ok I’m Interested, Now What????

Give us a call or text!  Our injectors and Aestheticians are always happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment is best.  Or come in for a facial and we can have an injector pop in during the last few minutes of your treatment for a quick consult.  At Amelie we are all about education and meeting your goals with zero pressure!  Let’s make self care a priority this holiday season!

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