One thing we prioritize at Amélie is making sure you understand the benefits and risks of every treatment we offer.  We love plumping up lips and restoring lost cheek volume, however even with the best provider, there is a chance for a complication.  Bruising, swelling and redness are expected… but more serious complications include a nodule or a vascular occlusion.  A nodule happens when your immune system is triggered and your body encapsulates the filler.  A vascular occlusion is when filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel, blocking blood flow to the surrounding area. 

We are always striving to make sure our practices are the safest possible! This is why we offer ultrasound as an option to add on to your injectable appointment. Ultrasound can aid in facial injections by providing real-time visualization of underlying structures like muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. This helps your nurse injector accurately target the injection site, ensuring the product is delivered precisely where it’s needed while avoiding sensitive areas. With ultrasound guidance, injections in the face can be safer, more effective, and potentially less painful for the patient.

Ultrasound on the face

We have strict protocols in place and know exactly what steps to take to manage any type of complications.  We are so happy to offer ultrasound guidance as an option to our clients.  Using ultrasound, we are able to specifically pinpoint the problem and place our reversal agent Hylenex in the direct area to dissolve product.  We can then use ultrasound to ensure that blood flow is properly restored.

Ultrasound is most commonly used when we are placing the filler. We all have unique facial anatomy and it is impossible to know the exact location of all vessels/structures when assessing a face. Ultrasound allows us to know exactly what plane we are in and we can easily avoid all arteries and veins. All of our injectors at Amélie have attended ultrasound training, promoting the safest possible injection techniques!

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