Sculptra, sculptra, sculptra! I am obsessed with this injectable treatment. I have had two vials in my face and cannot wait to do my next. There is a lot of hype around this injectable bio-stimulator and let me tell you it lives up to the hype!!! Anything that helps restore lost facial collagen and volume for a more natural, youthful appearance is a big win. 

When it comes to the actual process, Sculptra is no more uncomfortable than any other injectable aesthetic treatment like botox or hylauronic acid filler. During my appointment we used topical numbing and ice to help alleviate discomfort. The needle injections can feel pinchy or spicy at times, but otherwise the whole process is very tolerable. I had some pinpoint bruising and one decent size bruise on my cheek (about the size of 2 quarters) after the second vial. I used Alastin’s Inhance post-injection serum to help my bruising resolve quicker. 

In order to get sculptra particles to lay uniformly and symmetrically, we need to massage five times a day for five minutes for five days after we are injected. This was not too cumbersome I promise. I set alarms to remind myself and also to time the five minutes of massage. It was really easy in the morning and evening when I was already washing my face, I just lengthened the wash by a few minutes. You can use face lotion, Alastin’s Inhance, or hyaluronic acid (like HA5) to help lubricate your facial massage and make it more comfortable. 

Results of sculptra build over time since your body is rebuilding collagen. Usually results take between 3-12 months. I noticed changes in my skin after about 3 months. Results continued to improve over the next 12 months and have been even more noticeable since my second vial. The areas of greatest improvement for me have been the volume in my temples, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. I have also noticed that my smile lines and crows feet have become less noticeable with time. 

Since sculptra builds collagen your skin appears healthier and you get the “Sculptra Glow”. People don’t know what you did to yourself, they just know you look great. This is my favorite part about this injectable. When coupled with good skincare or even a Halo laser to build collagen from the outside, your skin will look incredible. 

I have big plans for sculptra in the future. I want to try it on my knees for some of the lax skin there. In a few years I may want it in my neck and chest to help with the creepy skin in this area. I might even consider it in my booty  to help build volume naturally while improving skin texture in this area. I will keep you posted 🙂 

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