One of the concerns we hear a lot from our patients is what can I do to tighten under my chin? A pocket of fat underneath your chin is called “submental fullness”.  This fullness might be something you were born with, can be exacerbated by weight gain and also increases due to aging.  A study conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that 67% of Americans were bothered by Submental Fullness.  

The good news is that there is a great non-surgical treatment to help with submental fullness: Kybella!!  Kybella is an injectable medication that destroys fat cells, reducing fat beneath the chin permanently. 

What is Kybella?

The active ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid.  Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.  When injected under the chin, Kybella destroys the fat cells in that area.  The dissolved fat cells are then cleared by the lymphatic and circulatory systems over the next few weeks.  

What can I expect during my treatment?

You will be booked for a 1 hour appointment with time to take pictures and ensure all your questions are answered.  The actual injection process takes about 15-20 minutes.  We use numbing cream and ice to ensure you are comfortable, but most patients report a burning feeling once the medicine is injected.  This feeling usually goes away pretty quickly within an hour or two.  You will need to keep the area clean for 24-48 hours and should expect swelling, but you can resume your normal activities after your treatment.

What can I expect after my treatment?

You should expect swelling and numbness under your chin that will last 1-3 weeks.  You will experience the most swelling the first 5 days post treatment and it is normal to feel like you have a “bullfrog chin”.  You might also have some bruising in the areas that were injected.  This is a great time to pull out your favorite scarf to help cover your swollen chin.  You will begin to see improvement and fat reduction about 1 month after your treatment; and your results will continue to improve for 90 days.  

How many treatments will I need?

We encourage you to book a complimentary consultation with one of our injectors to tailor the best treatment plan to your needs!  Most patients need 2-4 treatments and each treatment will use between 1-3 vials of Kybella.  Once you have achieved a contoured jawline, your results are permanent!  We have seen amazing improvements in jawlines using Kybella!!

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