Are you considering having your first injectable treatment this year? It can be
intimidating! If you google “how to prepare for your first treatment”, you’ll find lot’s of
information about taking Arnica and avoiding alcohol. We’ll get into those later, but
really the most important part of feeling prepared is choosing the right clinic, the right
injector and having a plan.

At Amélie, we encourage our patients to make a complimentary consultation before
booking your first injectable appointment. The consultation is a low stress, low pressure
way to just talk about botox and fillers and have all your questions answered. We’ll take
pictures, talk about your goals for your face, discuss possible solutions and answer all
your questions. The best part is your appointment will be summarized into an email full
of information that you can read over in the comfort of your own home. Our injectors
love spending this quality time with patients and really educating you on the different
treatment options available. Most of our patients feel really excited for their first
treatment after spending some time really discussing what to expect.

Another great way to prepare for your first appointment, is to spend some time on our
Instagram page! @amelie.esthetics Looking at before and after photos of the different
treatments we offer can be very reassuring. It also gives you a chance to look at each
injectors work and choose the style that best meets your goals. A big concern we often
hear is “I don’t want to look overdone”. We don’t want that either, and I think you will
find by looking at our work that our goal is to subtly enhance each patient’s beauty, but
never overfill. Most people don’t know this, but one syringe of filler is the size of a small
blueberry. One syringe can create a natural enhancement to one-two areas, but is not
enough to create that overfilled look you see on TV. The overfilled look takes many,
many syringes and is not a look we offer.

Now that you feel confident in your injector and know that plan, what else can you do?
With botox and filler, one of the risks is getting a bruise. We do our best to avoid
bruising using ice and good lighting, but bruising is often inevitable with facial injections.

One thing you can do prior to your appointment is to take over-the-counter Arnica
tablets 1 week prior to your appointment and 1 week after. Avoiding Ibuprofen and fish
oil the week before and the week after can also be beneficial. On the day of your
appointment, we recommend avoiding caffeine and alcohol if you are worried about
bruising. But really, there is not much you need to do to prepare for your appointment
and your injector will talk you through everything. If your appointment is for filler, having
a clean face is helpful, but not required. We have wipes and facial cleanser that you
can use!

At Amélie, we are very results driven and we are passionate about making sure you
love your results. We will book a complimentary 2-week followup appointment after
your first treatment. This gives us a chance to look at your before and afters, talk about
your experience, and most importantly, make sure you love your results!

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