You’ve probably seen the scene from the movie “Christmas with the Kranks” where the main character Luther receives a botox treatment that goes wrong!  In the movie, his face is so frozen he is unable to eat!  Do not let Mr. Krank scare you!… A face with no expression is not attractive and it makes it hard to communicate how we are feeling to the world.  At Amelie, you will be seen by a medically qualified practitioner with experience in giving botox injections.  Our goal is always to give you a beautiful, natural result.

What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic treatment that uses small doses of botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze facial muscles.  The result is smoother skin with fewer wrinkles!  It is a myth that you won’t look natural with botox.  With botox you still look like you – but not being able to pull down your glabella “aka: the Scowl muscles” looks more youthful!  Now that many of us are on computers and zoom all day, we are noticing that when we are concentrating, we are frowning and really activating our “elevens”.  This can sometimes make a person look angry or frustrated. With botox, your elevens will be elevated and lifted which gives a nice refreshed look. 

What age should I start Botox?

A question we are often asked is what age should I start botox?  Botox is more preventative, then it is restorative.  When you are unable to contract your muscles in ways that make deep wrinkles, you are able to avoid creating etched lines.  Once a line is etched or has become a deep wrinkle, it is not going to disappear with Botox.   Botox cannot “iron out” wrinkles, it just prevents the movement that creates the line.  The earlier you get botox, the more preventive its effects will be!  Once lines are etched in, botox is still a good tool, along with good skin care and skin treatments to help reverse the lines!

Should I ask for a lower dose?

You might be wondering if “baby botox” ie: a low dose is the answer?  With botox, the dose = duration.  What that means, is that if we don’t use enough botox in a certain area, the effects will wear off too quickly.  You are much better off doing a full dose in the areas of your face you are wanting to eliminate muscle movement. Using a small dose all over your face will not last you the full 3 months.  For a more natural result, our injectors will determine the appropriate dose and place the treatment in the exact muscles that will give you the best results!

Come in for a consultation with our experienced injectors!

When getting your first treatment, your injector will have a full conversation with you about the results that you are seeking.  Do you want your eyebrows to still move?  Easy!  We can place the botox in specific areas of your forehead that still allow brow movement.  Want a more frozen look with absolutely no lines on your forehead – we can do that too!

Our injectors are highly trained and will spend plenty of time learning about your goals and making sure the treatment provided looks fresh and natural!

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