After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it feels good to begin a new year.  It’s a good time to set new intentions and routines.  After talking with friends and family, it seems a lot of us are wanting to focus on slowing down, being intentional, and less stressed this year.  Let’s talk about 10 ways you can start this new year with self care in mind!


A great alternative to setting a new years resolution that we all know we won’t keep up with, is to instead set a word that inspires you for the year.  It can be a fun word such as TRAVEL (where the goal is to travel more than you have in the past, or ABS (even if you only get one ab you are successful!).  Another popular word is KINDNESS (being kind to yourself or others) or PURPOSEFUL (where you live each moment with purpose and spend less time on social media).  There are so many great words we can use to start the year and its fun to talk with friends and family to learn what word inspires them for 2024.


You know that any blog on the Amelie website is going to talk about the importance of skincare!  Using medical grade products (and knowing which order to use them in) can be a great part of your nightly routine.  Taking a little time to wash your face, and finishing with hydration is a great way to relax in the evening and get you ready for bed.  A great tip is to wash your face as soon as you get home vs waiting until just before bed, when you might be too tired.  Not only will it feel good to have a little bit of self care each night, you’re skin will benefit and you’ll be glowing and hydrated.

  1.  SLEEP

Sleep seems to be hard for a lot of us these days.  We all know the best practices of turning off our devices an hour before bed and having time to unwind.  Journaling or writing down what is on your mind is also helpful – it lets our brain know we won’t forget what’s on our mind, but lets us drop it for the evening.  Most importantly, let your health provider know if you are experiencing sleep troubles.  A good night’s sleep is a must for feeling great this year.


A fun new trend everyone at Amelie is talking about is the Ninja Creami.  This machine allows you to quickly make “healthier” ice cream at home using whatever ingredients you have laying around.  We all know we need to eat more protein, so why not add it to delicious ice cream.  This machine keeps selling out, so it must be good!


It’s not always easy to want to go outside in the Pacific Northwest winter, but it is so good for our soul to be in nature.  Grab a raincoat and stroll around your neighborhood in the rain!  It’s amazing how a little time outdoors can reset our day and make troubles seem smaller.  And we all know there is nothing better than being outside during our warm summer months.  Wear your sunscreen of course, but then enjoy some sunshine on your face and soak up that Vitamin D.


This is one of the most challenging ways to practice self care, but is one of the most important.  And honestly, once you find your thing it is something to look forward to each day.  At Amelie, we all have different ways of finding movement.  A few of us go to studios such as Orange Theory or F45, A few of us use videos at home, and some of us prefer evening walks after work.  The key is finding what brings you joy so that you will continue to do it throughout the year. 

  1.  SAY NO

As a society, I think we are getting better about prioritizing our time.  A healthy habit to integrate is saying no to activities that don’t bring you joy.  Now some things we have to do, like chores and work.  But some things we can say no too.  Want to spend Friday night at home in pajamas, instead of socializing with a group?  Say no!  Just remember, sometimes saying no, is actually saying yes to yourself and what you need.  And that is great self care!


It’s true, that where we focus our thoughts and attention determines how we feel.  It’s easy to be caught up in stress and what is going wrong, so its very helpful to spend a little time each evening thinking about what went well.  What did you do well?  What made you feel good?  What things are you looking forward to?  Taking a little time to reflect on the positive aspects of life can help you feel happier overall.


In moderation of course!  We still need to have joy in our lives and that means enjoying treats as well.  A simple way to add healthy foods to our lives is to throw it on some greens.  Having chicken nuggets for dinner?  Throw them on some spinach seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.  A second tip is to add smoothies to your day  Its super easy to blend up some fruit and greens to add nutrition to your day – add in some yogurt, honey or a banana and they actually taste pretty good!


There is a lot of research saying that we are a blend of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Make sure the people you around the most make you feel good and have habits that you want to emulate.  Social connection is a wonderful way to reduce stress and add joy to your lift.  But again, its ok to say NO when you need a break.

There are a million ways to practice self care – but the main idea is choosing to spend your time doing things that you enjoy that make you feel great! 

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