Ask any injector at Amelie if we LOVE doing lips – and we’ll say YES!  You might be scared that it’s going to hurt, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that your experience will be comfortable and even fun!  Our Aesthetic is always on the more natural side, but having plumper lips with fewer lines looks amazing and can transform your face.  Let’s talk about what you can expect when you make an appointment for natural lip filler with an Amelie Injector!

Will Lip Filler Hurt?

We take numbing very seriously and work hard to ensure your experience is very comfortable.  We have many options and can do 1 or 2 or all, depending on your preference.  

Our favorite way is called a dental block.  It’s very similar to what you might experience at the dentist’s office.  A few quick injections inside your mouth and your entire lips will go NUMB.  We have different strengths we can choose from, so we’ll start with numbing that lasts 30-60 minutes, but we can do more for our patients who have had trouble with numbing in the past.  This is our preferred method, because truly after a few seconds of nervousness while we numb you, you will not feel a thing!

We also offer a strong topical numbing cream.  This is great for the patient who really doesn’t want injectable numbing.  With this option, you will feel more of the process and might feel some slight pokes, but most of our patients describe the process as very tolerable.

For our patients who want absolutely ZERO pain, ask for both!  We can absolutely do topical numbing along with injectable numbing to ensure your appointment is virtually painless. We also offer distraction tools such as good music and face massagers to help distract your mind from the treatment.

What Will My Lips Look Like After Filler?

Woman before and after lip filler procedure

We have several options for which product we use in your lips.  We have very soft fillers that will smooth and fill in fine lines, but not add volume.  This is great for the patient who wants a very natural looking lip, but just wants to look hydrated and smoother.  We have products that pull in water and give a more plump or pillowly look.  This is great for the patient who wants to enjoy more fullness and shape.  We have products that provide a little more shape and height to the lips, without pulling in water for that plump look.  Bring in some photos of your lip goals and we will work together to choose the product that will work best for you.

The Healing Process After Lip Filler

A very important part of your lip filler journey, is recognizing that they will take time to heal.  We always tell our patients to expect a 2 week “journey” with their lips.  The first 2-3 days you will experience swelling and the shape might look a little uneven. Once the swelling goes down, lumps and bumps are expected and normal.  We always ask that you trust us and we promise that in 2 weeks the filler will settle and integrate into your lips and you will love the result.  If you have a big event coming up, we recommend that you get your lips done at least 1 month prior so that you have time for healing and a touchup if needed.

Two-Week Follow-Up Appointment

Injector consulting patient after lip filler

One of the great things about visiting Amelie is that we really care and ensure that you LOVE your results!  Many times, we will book a 2 week follow-up appointment to have you come back so we can perfect your lips.  At this appointment, we will take before and after photos and can make any adjustments to your lips if something isn’t quite perfect.  We can dissolve any persistent lumps and add more volume if you have an area that needs a slight touchup.  We always do our best to ensure your results are perfect the first time, but it’s very reassuring to our patients to know that if you are not loving your lips, we will work together to ensure your lips look amazing.  We always start with 1 syringe of lip filler. Many of our patients end up wanting MORE – we do ask that you wait at least 6 weeks before we will add a 2nd syringe.  This preserves the health of your lip tissue.

I Just Had Lip Filler – How Do I Care For Them?

Lip filler after care is very simple!  Just be gentle and keep them hydrated.  We will give you all the products you need for your aftercare.  You will use the provided ointment several times per day to ensure your lips do not dry out.  We also ask that you avoid activities that might smash your lips, such as kissing or drinking through straws.  Another important aftercare instruction is to keep the lips clean.  Avoid using old lipsticks or touching your lips with dirty hands for the first few days.

So Why Should I Choose Amélie?

  1. We work together to choose the product (1ml lip filler) most appropriate for your goals.
  2. We offer several numbing options to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment.
  3. All aftercare products are provided.
  4. 2 week follow-up appointment provided with complimentary touch-ups if needed.
  5. We have GREAT injectors – see our Instagram page for before and afters!

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